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Star Fleet Warlord is a play-by-email science fiction game. If you’ve never played a game by email before, you may be wondering just how it works, so here’s a quick description. Basically, you send us via email an “orders sheet” on which you tell us what you want to do. We then process this on our computer and generate a “results sheet,” which tells you what happened as a result of your orders. Finally, this is then emailed back to you to begin the process anew. This completes one turn of the game. A typical game lasts from 20 to 30 turns, although this can vary. Additional details about this process will be explained later on in these rules. This game uses the ships and races of the popular board game, Star Fleet Battles (SFB). However, much effort has been made to organize the game in such a way that you do not need to own or play SFB to play Star Fleet Warlord. For those of you with no SFB experience, a reference glossary is included.